USPS Delays

I wanted to discuss the issues with shipping delays since covid-19 started and why this is still happening.
Within our region delays are staggering.

We see packages that say delivered and are then delivered later in the day, or the next day. USPS has been bogged down due to the current covid-19 situation and online ordering and now seem to have less employees working as well.

We have seen the same issues with other carriers, so this isn’t just an USPS issue. PLEASE Order ahead of time and give yourself extra time due to shipping delays. We have seen packages that normally take 3 or 4 days taking 3 weeks for some reason. We aren’t told anything by our carriers and have not been given an explanation as to when this issues will be resolved.

We are talking with the postmaster and working on the best resolution to this ongoing issue. We thank you for your continued support and please be patient while we endure these difficult times.

Christopher’s Organic Phenotalk – White Maeng Da

White Maeng Da is the #1 Customer Favorite White Phenotype Here at Christopher’s Organic Botanicals. Now the Maeng Da name is really just a name and not a special phenotype at all. 

It usually is the best quality leaf of the batch nowadays and/or older leaves than the rest of the harvest. The Phenotypes themselves we focus on are regional, which makeup over 75% of our stock. White Maeng Da has always been a popular type regardless of its origin.

We have thought about just taking the name Maeng Da away altogether, but it has been around for such a long time that it would most likely lead to confusion. Maeng da is a Thai term that has come to refer to a level of quality. In actuality, maeng da is a slang term in Thailand that means ‘pimp’. It’s used when talking about kratom to denote ‘pimp grade’, or top-grade quality.

We want to be transparent and talk about different regions where kratom is grown and why we select certain regions over others. As with any plant the soil and region it is grown in will affect the make-up of the plant to some degree. We are studying these Regions & Alkaloids to better understand this wonderful plant. As we learn about this plant even further we would love to open up this conversation further with everyone.

Christopher’s Organic Phenotalk – Learn More About the Differences with Kratom Phenotypes

We will be discussing Phenotypes and the regions and (sometimes no reason at all) names of Kratom.

We want to open this up for discussion and better understand the workings and science behind Kratom. We will be going over all of the phenotypes we offer and after this series is over we would love to hear your opinions about how our findings and the way we see Kratom is the same, or differs from your personal experience.

White Maeng Da will be the first installment we will discuss. There will not be just one author, but a few different explanations and opinions from people who use kratom and work for Christopher’s Organic Botanicals. We want to open this up for discussion and better understand the workings and science behind Kratom.

We will be going over all of the phenotypes we offer and after this series is over we would love to hear your opinions about how our findings and the way we see Kratom is the same, or differs from your personal experience.

This is a plant that we are all still discovering it’s wonderful attributes. We have discovered 4 Alkaloids we can test for now. When there becomes more alkaloid testing available you can rest assured we will be testing for those alkaloids too.

Kratom is a Plant that we are very passionate about and we want to share as much knowledge with you about this amazing tree.

Please stay tuned as we talk about these different regions that kratom is grown and the different profiles that they uniquely possess.


Christopher’s Organic Kratom News – Issue 1

There has been a lot of talk about kratom in the past few weeks that is exciting and concerning. We’re going to try something new here to help keep the Kratom community informed about what’s going on with Kratom news from around the world. Read on if you’d like to join us in learning more everyday.

Board of supervisors rescind 13-month countywide ban on kratom

Great news about a Kratom ban in Mississippi finally being lifted and hopefully more counties will follow suit. 

We need to have our voices heard and one of the best ways to do this is by talking to the local governments and explaining that Kratom is not some evil plant. That is where advocacy starts locally and moves outward. If we all start talking about our experience we will make a difference.

CDC Flooded With Comments On Marijuana And Kratom As Alternative Painkillers Ahead Of Deadline

The CDC received many comments from people all over the country stating that Kratom and Cannabis had improved their lives. 

This story shows that people are looking into other ways to help improve their lives and not just feel like they have no other choice but to live a life of misery.

Drugs seized at Shannon Airport destined for Mayo address

Here’s one news article that I came across that made me shake my head was the article out of Ireland about a Kratom seizure at Shannon Airport.

To say that the 4kg of Kratom is worth almost €81,000 is ridiculous. It was also said that four packages containing over 2.2kg of herbal cannabis had an estimated value of €45,200?

Seriously? These seem like catchy headlines to grab readers, but there could be more behind it. Scare tactics and/or a way to demonize natural plants.

State legislators seek kratom meeting with FDA commissioner

The FDA has had since 2018 to meet with the American Kratom Association to discuss Kratom. That has been the main goal but unfortunately that has yet to happen. The American Kratom Association has been waiting since 2018 and the FDA has not accepted a meeting. 

CBD is everywhere and we can see that Kratom is getting the same traction. Hopefully the FDA will see that this Meeting is necessary. The Day will come when the truth finally comes out and everyone can see the wonder of this plant.

We are making headway across the board in our nation with the conversation about natural healing being spoken daily. 

There still is a lot to do and we will be on the frontlines of all issues concerning Kratom and Cannabis in NJ. I truly thank everyone for supporting natural options and believing in the Power of Nature!

We hope you enjoy this first Christopher’s Organic Kratom News blog post. We look forward to sharing them with you weekly. 

Please visit our store Christopher’s Organic Botanicals for all your quality Kratom needs.

Time’s are Changing

Kratom Leaves

Memorial Day has Passed and some things are starting to get back to normal across the country, but a different normal. Many things have changed in our lives and have impacted us in a way that we can’t help but act and think differently. We may look at things in a different light, or appreciate the little things instead. We may be angry and not understand why this is all happening and feel overwhelmed. We may feel all of it and still just go on with our day doing what we can to survive this and look towards a better future.

We have gone though many changes over here as well. My wife Holly is now working with us full time after a lot of conversations about what is the best for us and the company. Life has a funny way of letting you know what is best and when it is time to let go of what we think is necessary for happiness. Life is truly too short for the nonsense. We want to make sure that everyone gets quality Kratom that is packaged and tested properly.

This was our goal from the very beginning to have quality-tested Kratom. I have talked about costs associated with production/Testing processes and the costs are high. We want people to know that we do send out samples with larger orders and samples meaning a 2 oz or 4 oz.

Orders over $50.00 get a 2 oz sample and Orders over $150.00 get a 4 oz sample. There May be times that we are just completely out of stock on smaller sizes, but that rarely happens.

We do use a Co-Packer and do have times where certain items will be on the Flash sale list to make room for the next batch. We may give some of those flash sale items out as samples. We have been sending out tote bags, letter openers, stickers and other SWAG just to make sure that people know that We truly appreciate you.

We also Donate $5,000.00 Monthly to the A.K.A., Which is a nice part of our revenue. We believe that any person(Vendor) with an interest in Kratom should be donating (if they can afford it) to support the future legality of Kratom.

We have endured numerous extra expenses since covid-19! We are continuing to use extra protection and Disinfecting all surfaces and touchpoints. We use a Office/Warehouse Environment with only 3 people and 3 rooms, so social distancing has been easy.

Bright Skies Ahead
We want you to be happy, Safe and try the different variety that we have to offer. I personally like Red Maeng da Later in the day, but in the morning it is Green Malay or Riau, or White Mahakam. I usually don’t use whites, but Mahakam has always been the 1 white Phenotype that I like. I use Red Vietnam before bed. Usually 3 times a day. That works for me and my body. My wife is only once a day after dinner and that works for her. Natural products can never be specific on Serving Size because everyone is different and reacts differently.

Please be careful and remember what is truly important in our lives. Summer is coming and I am not even sure what that means for everyone, but We will be here doing what we can for Kratom and the Kratom Community and spreading the Word about this Wonderful Plant. God Bless Everyone of You and Let’s Keep the Important things in life First.