Alkaloids Testing

We are in an emerging, self-regulated industry where we are still working out all of the details. This includes fine-tuned testing for alkaloids and packaging rules. With the help of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA), we will be able to finally have some standards in place for the industry. 

We thank the entire Kratom community for supporting Kratom and the reasons why we are so passionate about this plant. We all have our differences and Kratom is what makes us come together for a common cause – like in the movie, A Leaf of Faith (watch on Netflix). I was lucky to be a part of history that day and I thank the community for showing our togetherness and what we can do when a common goal is the end result! 

Mature Kratom Tree

Mature Kratom Tree

Trying to explain how Kratom and its alkaloids work can be a bit confusing. This is a natural plant that grows wild. One mature tree can contain up to 20 kgs – which is a lot of leaves with a lot of different profiles! This means that the blending of a whole tree of leaves would give a blended alkaloid profile to begin with and we would have to study each leaf individually. We would then have to test many leaves on the same tree to see the variables.

The test for alkaloids gives a snapshot of that batch and does not indicate the exact percentage on the label. This is also true in the cannabis industry, where in New Jersey I can go to a dispensary and see the same test results on a package of top flower as on a package of ready to roll (“shake”). How can that be? 

Testing for any plant composition is expensive and is just not going to happen with each individual package without the cost skyrocketing through the roof. That is because testing each package would require enormous price increases. Each test for Kratom costs roughly $500 for a full battery on each batch. That’s why there’s core samples, random sample’s and blended samples taken all the time; however, for each package to contain exactly what is on the package is probably not going to happen. 

Young Kratom Trees

Young Kratom Trees

The test is still in its infancy right now for alkaloids and it will get more accurate as time goes on, but just remember that with any natural plant alkaloids will vary. That being said, I am excited that we are now testing for four alkaloids and figuring out how this plant works! 

I use this plant daily and depend on it to be able to get out of bed in the morning. I am also a registered medical marijuana patient and that helps my chronic pain, too! Some people ask me: Why both plants? In my opinion they work in different ways in my body. I use cannabis more at nighttime for sleep, and CBD and Kratom during the day. This is the best way that I have found to ensure I don’t have to go back to pain management. 

I will continue posting updates on how different things are going and more anecdotal evidence on how Kratom works for me and how I use different phenotypes to aid in different areas of my life. 

Thank you and God bless the Kratom & cannabis community!

My Story

My name is Christopher and I discovered Kratom in 2015. Below, I wanted to share a little bit about my backstory, along with the founding principles of our company. I hope this will provide some insight into my passion for helping others through natural products, like Kratom, and that you won’t hesitate to reach out with questions – or to share your story as well!


I was looking for other avenues in my struggle to maintain a functioning, less painful lifestyle. Kratom has been one of those plants that I wish I would have known about years ago. I was hit by a car at 8 years old while crossing the street, and that began the problematic life that I know today. Between 8 and 13 I went through about 40 dislocations of my knees, requiring my first surgery at 13 and second at 22.

Being prescribed opiates at a young age of 8 was an issue for me (and my addictive personality). I had a severe alcohol problem by the time I was in my early twenties. Alcohol and opiates were great for pain relief, in my opinion, since options for pain management were limited for me at that time. If cannabis was never banned in 1937, we would probably see a lot less harm today than we have seen by opiates/alcohol in our nation. (At least for me personally this is the case.) At 36, I had a heart attack and had two stents placed.

Now, I am not saying that there isn’t a place for pharmaceutical pain management. I personally know that natural plants can help us live a better quality of life. They are not a replacement for severe pain management treatments. I know firsthand that strong pain management is needed and necessary for some people. I would never say that Kratom or cannabis can completely replace pharmaceutical pain management.

However, my life has improved dramatically since alcohol and pain killers are no longer part of it. I do not plan on ever taking anything unnatural, besides an occasional Aleve, unless it is necessary for surgery. I can finally maintain my ability to get out of bed and function daily, because of Kratom and cannabis. I will always do what I can to make sure that people know about these natural options.

Christophers Organic Botanicals

Christophers Organic Botanicals


This company was built in 2015 on the foundation that quality tested products should be available to everyone. Now, we have heard a lot from customers and vendors over the past few years about quality, pricing, and testing issues within the industry. All I can say about pricing is that the price should reflect the necessary requirements to process and package these products. This includes testing, packaging and general overhead. We will always do what we can to cut costs, but we will never cut corners.

Now, Kratom testing is nothing new, but the technology is expanding. We are now testing for four alkaloids and they are now listed on our testing results page here. The two new alkaloids we are testing for are paynantheine and speciogynine. These two alkaloids seem to have a lot of potential. We will continue to keep everyone informed as we learn more and test for different alkaloids as the technology becomes available. We will continue to be on the front lines of the industry, making available anything new we learn along the way. We have formulated our own brand of CBD oil with natural occurring terpenes which I personally love.

Within the cannabis plant, there are a lot of other variables besides THC and CBD. We often tend to focus on those two compounds. Terpenes are a huge reason why cannabis works the way it does – it’s not just the plants with the highest THC content. The same goes for any natural plant and Kratom is no exception to this rule.

Large Kratom Leaf Indonesia

Large Kratom Leaf Indonesia


We are excited to share these findings with you and we will always find new ways of expanding knowledge of this wonderful plant. We want you to learn along with us as we learn too! As this industry expands we are expanding along with it! We promise to keep working towards the best options for our customers when it comes to standards and quality. We use this plant too, so we want to learn all we can as well!

We are also donating $5,000.00 monthly to the A.K.A. to support ongoing efforts to keep Kratom legal! With your support we are fighting to keep Kratom legal together!

I will always say that Kratom is a tool and not the be all and end all of ALL issues or problems. It can help us get to that point in our lives where we are able to move on to the next step.

God Bless the Kratom Community and the stand that we have taken to make sure this plant is accessible to everyone.

Have a safe and prosperous New Year and we will see many great changes for Kratom in 2020. Thank You once again for all of your continued support.

God Bless You!